Who else wants to dump emotional baggage – using a proven technique – without re-hashing the trauma over and over again?


Once feeling like a victim of life circumstances, Kathryn found herself suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  To make matters worse, she did not have the funds to reach out for help with her emotional turmoil.  In fact, the more she continued to suffer emotionally, the more she plummeted into financial ruin.  The turning point came when she was one-step out the door into homelessness.  It is often said, “When you reach the bottom of the pit, there is only one-way out and that is up!”

The first step into a new life begins with a yearning from deep within, but many hold back for fear of the unknown. Are you willing to take one little safe step into your unknown future? If you said YES….get set, get ready and explore this website.  Within these pages you will find hope and faith that life can indeed be a fun, loving and happy!

Where you are right now might be painful, but that is temporary!  


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***Kathryn believes everyone deserves emotional healing regardless of their financial status.  Please feel free to contact Kathryn to discuss the possibility of sliding scale fees if your heart desires a new life, but, you feel stuck living in poverty.


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