Welcome to My Journey to Freedom

As I reflect on this leg of my Journey, I am looking at what my goals are. I have so much to talk about and share. There are so many times, that I could have forked left or right, or stayed on the current path. Good decisions, bad mistakes, happy memories, and tragic events. Instead of seeing my journey as a series of epic failures, I realize that I am who I am today based on those decisions. I was searching for my daily inspiration and came across David Mitchell. “Travel far enough, you meet yourself”. Reflecting on this simple statement, it struck me, that I had travelled far. Literally, spirituality, and in a very real way that shows growth, hope and inspiration, I am not the same person I was. Thank heavens for that. If I was the same person I used to be, I’d still be that terrified, miserable, and closed soul.

Follow me on my Journey to Freedom. There will be difficult stories to share, events to celebrate, and ideas that just might change your perception of how or why I chose to do what I did, in those particular moments.

This journey is about my experience with Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Violence, Prison experiences, Criminal activities, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Mental Health Challenges, Addiction, and where I am today. These are heavy topics, and I never want to trigger anyone with my shares. I will always be mindful of my narratives, to ensure that you, the reader have the opportunity to step away if needed. However, this is also the story of hope and freedom, so stay involved if you want to see the final outcome and where I am today.


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